Hello, I haven’t posted in while. I been busy with school being in my last class for degree in enviormental Heath and safety and I been doing well. It was my birthday a couple of day ago and I was given a vinyl record player. I been collecting records since I played with pit per pat back in 2008 (10 years) and would collect vinyls that I saw and liked but never had any thing to play them on. That’s fine, people collect things and I like vinyls. They are cool. My mom gave me the record player…brand new Sony and I love it so much. I just got new speakers today and I’m so…stoked. Picked up a few of my favorite albums such as coheed and cambria third album, which played a huge part in my music life back in 2005/06. Glad to have that.

Anyways, the point. I am planning to release a small limited run of vinyl for my new album. When I say “small limited run” I’m talking like five copies, six if you count one for me. I’m proud to say that this new album I am working on is my favorite i have worked on. There’s only eight songs for digital , seven are new and one is planned to be exclusive to the CD version for a total of 8 (11 tracks really…more about that in a bit) new songs. The exclusive track hasn’t been written but been working on it and already have a title in mind “Ain’t got the time”, a title I came up with 10 years ago. The three other tracks are going to be new versions of “Cousins”, “Anne Hathaway” and “Visions of Hailee” with vocals. “Visions” and “Cousins” will appear on the CD version, while “Anne Hathaway” will be a bonus hidden track on digital formats. With the vinyl though only 10 tracks will be on the vinyl and it will probaly be a two regular LP black vinyl with side a-d but with album art and stuff. I’m doing this way so there will be 3 tracks on each LP due to being vinyl having 20 mins of space and recording time and you know my songs are lengthy at best.

The following tracklist:

Side A

Chronicles of the Unknown theme

A thousand no’s


Side B

Surf worshiper

The Roommate (Enites)

Summer Breakup

Side C

Cursed Cousins


Side D:

Ain’t got the time

Anne Hathaway

But wait…what about the vocal version of “Visions of Hailee” . Well that will be released with another small run of five (technically four vinyls copies and the first copy will be given to the girl that inspired the album someday, I won’t even have a copy of this album) of the album of the same name. Replacing the original instrumental of “Visions” with the vocal version.

I am only doing this for die hard collectors. I know I’m not a big shot or any thing but there are people who like unknown artist and like limited things. So there you have it

And the vinyl will cost like any other vinyl of $20 plus shipping. So I hope you’re one of the lucky few.


Video on chopping block

Starting Nov 2017 These videos will be replaced with new versions of these songs. Same quality style but with better music. So check them out before they are gone. I’m doing this because if you know me my songs evolve and change. Some of these songs are nearly 10 years old (this coming year 2018) and they have been reworked. Plus I got the new digitech and the Beats that come up with the machines really sound good and different. Really goes with my vision. Who would thought that 10 years ago I would get my first llooper and get a new drum machine pedal by the same company 10 years later and that helps me get my vision across by myself.

What I been up to.

Hello everyone. I have been a busy person lately. I haven’t played a show since May but will be playing a open mic on July 15 at Root. Some of you may not be aware but I am a environmental Heath and safety tech major. I have two classes left. This last week I had a 40 hour class. 8 hour sessions each day. The class I took was Hazmat General Site Worker. It was a fun class and I passed the class. So i am crefield hazmat general site worker. I have to take a refresher class for 8 hours every year. 

Music is going well. I am working on a old song of mine called “You Just trying hurt me”. The song was relased in 2011 on a old ep called “Dani”. I am retweaking the song adding different parts than the original. I did the same process for “Anne Hathaway” back in 2013-14 even know the song was written in 2008. I wrote another new song called “Flowers” but haven’t worked on it in a while. Maybe I’ll get some new ideas for the song.

I want to learn other people’s songs. I been practicing “Purple Rain” by Prince and got the solo down. It’s a fun guitar solo to play with fuzz. I think the next song I’ll learn to play will be “Time” by Pink Floyd, one of my favorite songs and lyrics. 

Speaking of fuzz…I’ll be working on new videos featuring my favorite settings on a fuzz pedal I’m using or own. As always, I’ll be testing the pedals with my original song “Cousins” playing the solo part. 

Lastly, I finally got my Gibson S-1 in working order. More on that later in a video.