What I been up to.

Hello everyone. I have been a busy person lately. I haven’t played a show since May but will be playing a open mic on July 15 at Root. Some of you may not be aware but I am a environmental Heath and safety tech major. I have two classes left. This last week I had a 40 hour class. 8 hour sessions each day. The class I took was Hazmat General Site Worker. It was a fun class and I passed the class. So i am crefield hazmat general site worker. I have to take a refresher class for 8 hours every year. 

Music is going well. I am working on a old song of mine called “You Just trying hurt me”. The song was relased in 2011 on a old ep called “Dani”. I am retweaking the song adding different parts than the original. I did the same process for “Anne Hathaway” back in 2013-14 even know the song was written in 2008. I wrote another new song called “Flowers” but haven’t worked on it in a while. Maybe I’ll get some new ideas for the song.

I want to learn other people’s songs. I been practicing “Purple Rain” by Prince and got the solo down. It’s a fun guitar solo to play with fuzz. I think the next song I’ll learn to play will be “Time” by Pink Floyd, one of my favorite songs and lyrics. 

Speaking of fuzz…I’ll be working on new videos featuring my favorite settings on a fuzz pedal I’m using or own. As always, I’ll be testing the pedals with my original song “Cousins” playing the solo part. 

Lastly, I finally got my Gibson S-1 in working order. More on that later in a video.

Albums that defined my life ages 14-17

10 albums that defined my life from 14 to 17 high school year edition.
1. Silent Alarm by Bloc Party 14

2. Two coversetations by Appleseed cast 17

3. Kid A by Radiohead 15

4. Good apllo I’m burning star four by coheed and Cambria 14

5. The earth is not a cold place explosions in the sky 16

6. Me beast by Mogwai 17

7. El ten eleven by el ten eleven 17

8. Dark side of moon by Pink Floyd 15

9. We don’t need to whisper by angels and airwaves 14/15

10. Hot fuss by the killers. 14

Show coming up this January 

The first show of the year is at Root Tea House on Saturday and I am playing under the Birthday Card. This is the second show under the The Birthday Card. Come listen and check out sound good on an awesome PA they have.
Then on the 28th of Jan I’ll be performing at Root Tea House again under The PV Herrera Moody Experience, which will be an electric performance and I will play something else off of Cigarettes and Wedding other than “Selena Gomez”. Which is on that album btw.

The flyer for the second show will be held up at the Nipomo Subway Sandwichs, for locals to check out.

Jan 5th announcement 

The announcement that I want was going to make was going to be on Thursday but I had to work with water sampling that day. 
Anyways, it’s been 10 years since i started my music project and writing my music. I started the project under the name The Danger Girl Starship and wrote early demos for songs such as Chelsea’s Gas Station, Crystal and Eyebleed and countless other. I recorded my own songs and did different instruments on my recordings. The recording were horrible and song that I wrote back then sucked…really! It wasn’t until on the same day (Jan 5th 2008) the following year that I stayed at my family friend house and we talked about music and we were watching Aphex Twin videos and I made a comment on how disturbing the videos were and he show me something more disturbing than that. Sigur Ros United #1 music video was the video he shown me and that would change the course and style of my music. That day wasn’t suppose to happen as it was raining in the Bay Area and I was suppose to be home in the Central Coast it was raining that bad in Bay Area. I wouldn’t be the same person or be a better and push myself (and my guitar teacher /mentor Aaron B) to be better musician. 
Lastly, Jan 5th 2011 would be the day I returned to a deli not to eat there again but to see a girl again that would inspire the work of Cigarettes and Weddings and Visions of Hailee and that a person would mean a great deal to me.
Jan 5th is an important day and the project is now called (for live shows) “The PV Herrera Moody Experience”…due to the fact that sometimes I am moody 😉
Thank you for all the support throughout the years.